Frame not included with sale

Frame not included with sale

Graffiti Character Illustrator

Eezu took interest in imaginative sketching as a child. He felt it was more competitive for him if he had to draw out of his head. As a teenager, he got tuned into Hip hop and fell in love with the Hip Hop Culture. That’s how his sketch style was born.

Growing up in Nigeria in the 80s/90s wasn’t the coolest thing to happen to an artist. He studied Engineering because that is what his father wanted, "back then Nigerians didn’t think artists were successful people." says EezuOne "It’s a lot different now. He’s now one of my biggest fans."

As a sketch artist, he enjoys traditional drawing the most. He loves using pencil/pen, paper, acrylic markers/paints, coloured pencils. He also enjoys what he calls the "hiphop painting" The painting of hiphop apparels - boots, denims, sneakers, graffiti/murals and even tattoos.

In the early drawing days there was no social media. Artists had no way of meeting each other. Eezu listened and watched hiphop music videos to gather a deeper understanding of the culture. He remembers reading about a couple of artists from publications like 'The Source' and 'Hiphop connection' (ones he could lay his hands on) they influenced his passion for art and the style he uses today, he also took in everything from everyday life, all that he sees around him, he would say his biggest influence has always been his passion for street art in general.