Ham the Illustrator CHAIN print
CHAIN by HAM the Illustrator
CHAIN by HAM the Illustrator

CHAIN by HAM the Illustrator

Limited edition print run of 25 for each size. Giclée pigment ink print on 230gsm smooth art paper. Provided with a 50-75mm white border depending on artwork size. Hand written edition number and embossed for authenticity from the Subversiv Collective.
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Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh boiiiiiiiiiii
Flavor Flav, famed for his clock necklace, revealed a deeper truth beneath his eccentric persona. At Rough Trade, London, I, a young 19-year-old TV presenter at Guestlist Network, had the chance to sit with him and the rest of Public Enemy. I asked about the iconic chain, expecting a quirk, but his response was profound.
Behind the glitz lay a man of genuine wisdom. He explained that the clock was a constant reminder of time’s value, our most precious resource. This encounter dispelled any doubts about the depth behind his wild facade.
Flav, a linchpin of Public Enemy alongside Chuck D and Terminator X, left an indelible mark on hip-hop. Anthems like “Fight the Power” and “Fear of a Black Planet” were anthems against injustice.
His clock wasn’t just jewellery; it was a symbol of insight. Public Enemy’s legacy resonates. Their music broke barriers and inspires today. In a transformative era, they stood as unapologetic voices. Flavor Flav’s legacy reminds us: that time is our greatest asset, and using it to drive change is the ultimate measure of success.
Hand-painted on Procreate in October 2023. Total Strokes: 3248 | Total time painted: 195 minutes

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