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Mixed Media and Stencil Artist

Barry comes from a creative Dutch family, his father can make anything with his hands and his mother has a very artistic skillset. This stimulated Barry to develop himself, investigating new creative opportunities.

As a child he went to art club every Friday where he could try out all kinds of creative techniques, nowadays Barry volunteers there to teach the next generation various skills and pass on his experience.

He was out of the house at a young age sporting a fear of nuclear bombs and influences in science fiction, he lives his life as if there was no tomorrow. In his adolescence he connected with friends who are well known in the graffiti world, he has learned and experienced many things on the street, enjoying the freedom of discovering the hip hop culture and the house music scene, as well as many different forms of Street Art.

Eventually he found his calling and started working with difficult children/young people who came from challenging backgrounds. Barry works as a creative therapist, and in his spare time makes works of art. Barry Boem is primarily a mixed media and stencil artist who experiments with lots of other varied techniques and principles. Through his work he attempts to examine the human phenomenon, how we understand ourselves and others, how we communicate, learn, feel, discover and invent.

His mixed media technique tries to embody an idiosyncratic view of human nature, the familiar imagery allows a connection between fantasy and how the world is actually presented to us. Barrys work uses influences from artistic styles such as Hugo Kaagman, Banksy and Logan Hicks. Barry Boem has participated in several exhibitions, mostly in the Netherlands. Thanks to his connections he involves himself with works of art exchanges with other artists and guerrilla art campaigns. Barry’s work can now be found all over the world.