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Frame not included with sale

Frame not included with sale

The Masters of Illustration in Collaboration

“Hatch is the moniker of London-based artist & illustrator Dave Smith.Mixing bold linework with jam-packed environments he creates graphic, eye-catching compositions. Hatch’s work features a variety of characters and iconography dug up from his imagination and discovered in his surroundings.Ever since, as a child, he heard tales of “the scottish penmaster” it was his hearts only true desire to track him down and add his frankly awful scrawlings to a masterpiece created by the almighty Imrie.

After selling all his worldly possessions (family included) he finally could afford the megabus ticket to the mysterious north. After the perilous journey was complete he sat and waited for fourty days outside the mighty fortress of Imrie. On the fourtyfirst day, hungry, bedraggled, but steadfast Hatch looked up to see the impressive figure of Imrie towering above him. He tossed 3 sheets of paper to the lowely art wretch. “Draw on these, boy”. Hatch wept for his dreams had be made reality.”

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