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Ai Conceptual Artist

Prior to becoming involved in digital arts, particularly photo editing with photography, photo manipulation, and occasionally video editing, Noroi used to sketch with pencil. When he heard about Ai generated art, he grew more intrigued by it and upgraded to that style, embracing it because it was something he was passionate about producing in a whole new medium. 

Noroi is from the Philippines, where the environment impacts on his work because he hails from a low-income household. This has increased his passion for the arts and made him more committed in developing his own style of Ai generated and digital art. 

Noroi's greatest artistic influences are Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci, whose works were meticulous, ultimately becoming well-known over time. Noroi wishes to follow in their footsteps and surpass them in the realm of artificial intelligence generated digital art. 

Digital arts are his chosen media since it is more diverse and complex than traditional arts. With its constant need for learning about the digital world and new approaches, technology has advanced, it has become more interesting, it keeps us learning something new every day. 

The world in which we live and events that occur every day are where he discovered his inspiration to create and sketch. When you absorb those things and are passionate about what you do, ideas can come to you from nowhere.