Frame not included with sale

Frame not included with sale

Collage/Mixed Media Artist

Creativity has been a constant through out Daniels life, whether it be art or music he loves the freedom that he finds in his work. He has always been into using very bold, in your face colours and currently just incorporating collaged images has opened up another unexplored creative avenue which he has great fun experimenting with.

Growing up Daniel soaked up a range of cultural experiences from art, to film, photography and music this early exposure has had an effect on how he sees things artistically. Daniel has been heavily influenced by Salvador Dali, Banksy and Tim Burton.

Using acrylics, collage materials, paint markers and pens to produce his work Daniel gets inspiration from everywhere, whatever is around him. If he thinks of an idea he makes notes in his iPhone and makes titles from those ideas and uses that as a starting point. Once he has the vague idea, he finds the images and just free flows the piece until he's happy. 

All he hopes is that people look at his work and either get the message he wanted to get across or enjoy the humour when looking at it. Daniel goes on to say 'We live in a very instant world and you only have a split second to get someone’s attention, I try to make it count, that’s all I can wish for.'