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Urban Art Illustrator

Orble is a Berlin based, non binary artist and kid of the 90s. The name is based on a nickname for their striped tubby cat Max they had during that time. It all started when they drew comics about their "fat cat" at the age of ten. This drawing was in the subconscious mind so deeply that fifteen years later on at a party, they drew Max with closed eyes on a cup coaster. What came out were hilariously distorted versions of the original which brought a good laugh.

The Orbles were born at that very party around 2008 and the original Name for them was "the Nuclear Orbles" because they were so distorted. Later at 2012 when they moved to Berlin, they got the name "Urban Orbles" and started to settle down on the walls and street lanterns of Berlin.

They come in all shapes as stickers, paste ups and murals and you will find them in lots of cities in germany and all around the globe. Materialwise, Orble uses what is available : paintrollers, rollerpens, paintbrushes, cans, markers, clay, stone you name it.

Orble characters are right on the edge inbetween cute and eerie or friendly and dark. Orble avoids to fulfill cheesy stereotypes that most animal- character designs represent. You will also barely find obvious gender features because in their opinion it is just not necessary in animal character design.

The colour turquoise came from a moment in their childhood that represents the essence of being happy with just who you are.

Orble was about six years old, totally shy and introvert and could not swim. So they would stand in that concrete turquoise pool with the warm water until their hips for at least one hour. Just standing there, feeling and watching the tiny ripples and waves, listening to their sound, smelling their smell. In this moment Orble felt for the first time what being in tune with life and themselves feels like.

Since then, turquoise was their colour of peace and happiness and the essence of their soul.

It is all about fun, music, friendship, adventure and the sense for beautiful moments in life and therefore it does not matter what physical shape you were born in. As long as you keep the turquoise mindset, life is a bright journey.