Ham the Illustrator RHYME print
RHYME by HAM the Illustrator
RHYME by HAM the Illustrator

RHYME by HAM the Illustrator

Limited edition print run of 25 for each size. Giclée pigment ink print on 230gsm smooth art paper. Provided with a 50-75mm white border depending on artwork size. Hand written edition number and embossed for authenticity from the Subversiv Collective.
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Busta Rhymes, the charismatic maestro of hip-hop theatrics, redefined the game with an unmatched energy that echoes through generations. Emerging from Brooklyn’s concrete jungle, his explosive debut with Leaders of the New School laid the foundation for a solo career that would become a sonic odyssey. Busta’s lightning-fast rhymes and animated stage presence turned him into a hip-hop icon.
In an era where individuality reigns supreme, Busta’s style became a blueprint. His hits like “Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” not only dominated charts but shaped the sound of ‘90s hip-hop. Collaborating with legends like A Tribe Called Quest showcased his versatility, while his boundary-pushing visuals set new standards.
Beyond the beats, Busta’s impact on hip-hop fashion and culture is immeasurable. From his flamboyant outfits to groundbreaking music videos, he’s a true trendsetter. Busta’s discography is more than a musical journey—it’s a lesson in the art of staying true to oneself in an ever-evolving genre.
Hand-painted on Procreate in October 2023. Total Strokes: 3248 | Total time painted: 253 minutes

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